Protecting your storage unit is almost as important as protecting the goods in your storage space since damaging the property can result in heavy fines. Storage units are a great way of keeping and protecting property that isn’t being used at the moment. Some people also use these spaces to keep goods that are a part of their business. Some of these cases include furniture refurbishing or flipping furniture. This trade requires the larger, industrial space that a storage unit has to offer.

The best thing that will mutually protect your belongings as well as the storage unit is placing plastic tarp on the floor and walls. Not only does this keep out unwanted pests and help control humidity levels, it also will keep boxes and heavy furniture from scratching the interior of the storage unit. Some people like to use their storage unit to do projects. If you are gluing or painting anything inside of the storage unit, this will also keep those materials from permanently staining the floor walls.

Placing pallets on the floor will help the airflow and moisture that may build up within the storage unit. This will protect your possessions while keeping damage from occurring to the storage unit floor. If there is a spill or leak from the neighboring storage units, this will also help keep your boxes and furniture safe.

Finally, it is always a good idea to bring an extra lock to secure your self-storage space. This extra security measure not only will prevent thieves from entering your unit and stealing your belongings, but will also keep unwanted people from vandalizing the unit. If you are looking for a safe place to store your belongings, consider leasing a self-storage unit in your area. Be sure to research your options and find a safe, clean, and secure facility to best protect your valuable belongings.

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