Handling Oil Rig Accidents

Oil rigs present a lot of risks. Working in the middle of the ocean, with long hours, fatigue, heavy machinery, and inevitable mistakes, dangerous encounters are bound to happen. With the leading causes of oil rig accidents being negligence and natural disasters, it is important to know to know that legal action can be taken if you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an oil rig accident.

In April of 2015, an oil rig explosion occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. Pemex oil company sends people to the middle of the ocean in search of oil. In 2013 the company already experienced a fatal explosion, killing 37 people. Then in 2015, disaster struck once more for Pemex oil company.

After the explosion occurred on the Abkatun Permanente platform, 300 workers had to be evacuated. On top of the evacuation, 45 were injured, and four were killed in the accident. According to abcnews, Pemex claims that there was no spilling of oil in the duration of the explosion. Cotemar, the contractor for the Mexican oil services company, was among those who were killed. As people were forced to jump into the shallow waters of the ocean and run from the explosion, eight fireboats attempted to come to the rescue, along with helicopters.

No matter what the line of work, work-related injuries are always subject to legal action. Injuries and the fatalities of your loved ones can leave you feeling lost and worried about future income. Serious injuries can inhibit your ability to work and provide for your family, so it is important to get the compensation you deserve. Oil rig companies are equipped with plans and staff to ensure a lawsuit doesn’t come about and will offer you settlements and incentives not to take legal action, but only an experienced lawyer can inform you of whether it is smart to take the settlements or not.

It is very common to be lost in the legal process, so lawyers are there to guide you. According to Williams Kherkher, their frequently asked questions ranging from if the injured party has to see the company recommended doctor, to determining who is at fault, and deciding what the next steps to take are. Lawyers have the answers to all these questions and more.

There are many causes for oil rig accidents, and no matter the cause, there is compensation for you. With the unreliable weather in the middle of the option, you never know when an accident is going to happen. Not to mention the recipe for disaster that is long shifts, heavy machinery, and equipment failure that can lead to an accident. Whether the accidents are truly accidents or they are negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of employees, you can still get compensation for your injuries. Don’t let the company cheat you of what you deserve and get an experienced lawyer who will fight for you.

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How to Deal With a Serious Injury

Serious injuries can strike for many reasons. Unfortunately, serious injuries can be debilitating, whether they result in brain or nervous system damage, irreparable physical damage, or cognitive issues, if a serious injury was caused by another person or party, an attorney can help the injured receive their deserved compensation. Serious or catastrophic injuries are not simple scrapes and bruises. To be classified as a serious injury, the resulting harm usually will include the nervous system and motor system damage, intense scars and burns, loss of physical and mental capability (such as vision or hearing loss), or orthopedic problems. Serious injuries can be catastrophic to daily life and can cause extreme physical and mental trauma. While there are many other forms of serious injury, be sure to speak with an attorney to decide whether your case falls into this category.

The sad truth is that serious injury lawsuits often bring about a lot of extra stress for the injured, especially because there are usually insurance companies to deal with, according to law firms like Williams Kherkher. But the payoff can be worth the fight. Many serious injury compensations include medical bill reimbursement, payment for lost wages, property damage, and more. Even noneconomic damages such as the mental stresses caused by the injury can be included in the compensation.

The first step in creating a case for your serious injury is to take action right away, as there are usually time limits that constrain the injured in making a claim. While it is most likely difficult to deal with the stresses of the law after yourself or a loved one was seriously injured, it is beneficial to make your case known right away by speaking with an attorney.

Many personal injury cases are the result of car accidents, which are some of the harder cases to fight. This is because insurance companies will be quick to get involved and work their hardest to ensure that a case doesn’t actually make it to court. Insurance companies have a lot of money at their disposal, and their attorneys are prepared to fight for most cases. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to have an experienced attorney on your side if your case concerns insurance companies.

It is also important to have a personal injury attorney, as the specific field of personal injury can be difficult to navigate for the inexperienced. There are different types of appropriate attorneys depending on the case at hand, and for serious injuries, a personal injury attorney is the best option. Consider the experience of the attorney you choose. Keep in mind their record of recovering compensation for clients as well as their financial resources. Consider this like choosing a surgeon for a much-needed operation: you don’t want a cardiologist performing an orthopedic surgery or vice versa. Thus, choosing a personal injury attorney can set you on your way to gaining the best compensation for your serious injury.

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Power morcellators were once praised for their ability to remove noncancerous tissue and fibroids during a hysterectomy or a myomectomy.  The morcellators worked by entering through a small incision in the abdomen and breaking up masses into smaller pieces that were then removed.  However, a link was soon found between women undergoing procedures with these devices and then developing dangerous forms of uterine cancer. In fact, according to Williams Kherkher, 1 in 370 of women who underwent a procedure involving a power morcellator result in the development of some form of uterine cancer.

Before these procedures, many doctors failed to check patients for cancerous growth or tissue. When this is the case, power morcellators often spread cancerous tissue and cells into other areas of the body, leading to more serious or developed types of cancer.  Some of the major types of cancer caused by power morcellators include metastatic leiomyosarcoma, uterine cancer, uterine sarcoma, and endometrial stromal sarcoma.  All of these cancers have the potential to be life-threatening if not caught in the early stages.  Unfortunately, many unsuspecting women can become victims of these dangerous cancers after a procedure involving a power morcellator.

The FDA issued a “black box” warning for these morcellators. According to the pharmacy Walgreens, a black box warning is the strictest warning put in the labeling of prescription drugs or medical products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when there is reasonable evidence of an association of a serious hazard with the drugs or product. While the makers of the devices, Johnson & Johnson, recalled them in 2014, the warnings came too late for many women who had already developed uterine cancer.

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Auto Accidents and SSD

Injuries sustained in car accidents have potential to permanently alter one’s life. If another driver has caused an accident that results in a debilitating injury, they may owe financial compensation. Sometime, the injury can affect a person’s ability to function for a significant amount of time. In this case, the responsible party’s negligent action can cause the injured to pursue Social Security Disability Assistance.

Medical disabilities outlined by the Social Security Administration include back injuries, sense and speech issues, and neurological problems. In the event of a car collision, it is possible for any of these injuries to be sustained.

Spinal cord injuries affect the nervous system. When vertebrae are fractured or dislodged, the transfer of nerve signals to the brain is affected. This can result in partial or complete paralysis, which compromises a person’s ability to function.

Traumatic Brain Injuries are a commonly sustained after auto accidents. They are caused by a force that penetrates the skull, which can cause neurological dysfunction. Common results of cognitive dysfunction include anxiousness, depression, confusion, or difficulty in speaking and focusing.

If a person’s afflictions meet a set of criteria, they can apply for Social Security Disability benefits. If approved, the Social Security Administration can grant that person financial assistance.

The websites of the Mokaram Law Firm attests to the imperativeness of seeking compensation from a negligent driver. Medical bills, lost wages, and other finances can add up, and collecting finances from the person responsible for your injury can help you stay financially afloat.

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