What is a Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian Blowouts have become a popular phenomenon. With many celebrities having received the treatment, it is a popular method to achieving a consistent, easy look. Brazilian Blowouts have specific benefits, a certain process, and potential risks. All treatments must be performed by a certified stylist, and it is advisable to speak with your stylist when considering the treatment.

Brazilian blowouts are intended to produce frizz free, sleek, voluminous hair. Unlike other relaxing treatments, hair that has been treated with this blowout can be work strait, wavy, or curly. It is not a permanently straightening treatment, but rather one that produces shiny, healthy hair regardless of how it is being worn.

To achieve this look, a keratin infused formula is applied to the hair. When receiving the treatment, common steps followed are: washing hair with cleansing shampoo, towel blot dry or blow dry, apply keratin formula, flat iron hair, and blow dry. Stylists can apply different techniques in between each step, or employ additional ones. Treated or worn hair can have holes from the damage inflicted, and the keratin formula fills them. With the holes filled, the hair does not absord moisture, and therefore is not frizzy.

This treatment can be performed on any kind of hair, including relaxed, colored, hi-lighted, or bleached hair. It will last for approximately three months, although this time can be lengthened by washing the hair less. Some keratin formulas contain formaldehyde, which is not permitted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. When receiving a Brazilian Blowout, it is best when stylists use a formaldehyde-free keratin formula.

These blowouts range in price, and are offered at a wide variety of salons. According to the website of the Therapy Hair Studio in Houston, Brazilian Blowouts give a desired look that is attainable uniquely through this treatment.

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