We in this country owe so much to those who serve to keep us safe. While most of us complain about the small struggles in life, they are putting everything on the line in order to give us the right to complain.

The tasks they face are not always as simple or straightforward as they can appear to civilians. Even when they are not deployed, in fact, even when they are not on active duty, their actions have greater consequences than the average civilian’s.

And, just like so much else in the lives of serving men and women of our country, bankruptcy comes with extra concerns and responsibilities.

Bankruptcy is traumatic for anyone, of course. There’s an element of humiliation combined with a long period of stress from struggling to pay off debts. Whether it’s a business that’s failed to get off the ground or personal debts that have collected around us without the funds to at least get what we owe under control, there’s a sense of failure that also comes along.

That’s true for everyone, but for those in the military, bankruptcy has an added risk, according to the Erin B. Shank, P.C. site (a Texas-based bankruptcy attorney).

For them, there’s the risk of losing their security clearance. For those soldiers who require their security clearance to do their job, this can be a serious blow. It could also affect the long-term career trajectory of a soldier or officer who is looking at moving up and might otherwise have good prospects.

Imagine how difficult your own life would be if your personal debts were held against you by your profession, or if key elements of your skillset were unable to be used. What if lawyers were disbarred for having debt? What if businesspeople were forbidden to take upper management positions? That’s the sort of difficulty bankruptcy holds for soldiers.

This is particularly sad because so many soldiers are sure to struggle with debt. The average pay for those serving is not particularly high. As the Army website makes clear, while there’s a lot of room for income growth at the officer level, soldiers can earn as little as $19,000 a year, which is hard to live on for any of us.

The fact our serving men and women have to struggle with these issues and face such serious consequences is wrong. More should be done to assist them with financial planning. At the same time, they should be paid higher wages so fewer soldiers face the risks of bankruptcy in the first place.

These two steps would go a long way to eliminating the devastating threat that hangs over those who serve when finances don’t go their way, as they often don’t for many of us.

Considering all they are willing to sacrifice for us, it’s the least we can do to provide them with a reasonable financial strategy for success.

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On becoming old

It’s never a comfortable thought, but at some point, you have to admit you’re getting up there. I had that moment the other day. I’m still hale and hearty at 63. I work full-time. I run in the mornings. I do yard work on the weekends. I still feel good.

But, I’m 63, which I realized the other day when I pulled my back lifting up some branches I’d just cut off the tree. My wife came out to help me inside, and she said to me—my wife of 32 years—“you’ve got to be more careful, Nick, you’re not a young man anymore.”

Not a young man. When did that happen? Somehow, in the back of my head, I still had the idea that I was on some level still a young man. The trick, I realize now, was just moving the goal posts every decade or so by redefining young by comparing it to someone older.

I was young at twenty, no problem. At thirty, I was young compared to the middle-aged guys at my firm. At forty-five, I was young compared to the guys stepping out the door. At fifty, to the ones who lived on golf courses in retirement. And at sixty-three…well, there are guys older, of course, but I don’t know that I’d count as young in comparison to any of them.

So, here I am, not young. And it has me thinking about all kinds of uncomfortable thoughts. I’m a realistic, down-to-earth person, and I’ve long accepted my mortality. I’m not trying to hide my age or hide the number of years I likely have left. At the same time, I’ve never really sat down and done the calculations or done anything about those facts.

Or I hadn’t, until now. Having a few days off from work to rest the back, I decided to start looking into a few of those old guy issues that you have to get around to eventually.

I’m now the proud owner of a living will, for instance. I’ve set down all the requirements for how I want things to go when it comes down to it if I’m not able to make the call at the time.

I’m also working with a lawyer on what we might call my dead will. That’s more complicated than I expected it to be. I have my wife and the kids, and two grandkids now as well, and a brother who’s older and a sister who’s younger. Exactly how to divvy all that up fairly has been hard, but in a way, kind of fun.

When my wife found out how I was spending my recovery time, she had a little cry about it, which was sweet of her, but she was appreciative as well. It’s the sort of thing I think she’d probably wanted to get on me about but never felt comfortable forcing the issue. Well, it’s always nice when an old man can make his old lady happy.

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Handling Oil Rig Accidents

Oil rigs present a lot of risks. Working in the middle of the ocean, with long hours, fatigue, heavy machinery, and inevitable mistakes, dangerous encounters are bound to happen. With the leading causes of oil rig accidents being negligence and natural disasters, it is important to know to know that legal action can be taken if you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an oil rig accident.

In April of 2015, an oil rig explosion occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. Pemex oil company sends people to the middle of the ocean in search of oil. In 2013 the company already experienced a fatal explosion, killing 37 people. Then in 2015, disaster struck once more for Pemex oil company.

After the explosion occurred on the Abkatun Permanente platform, 300 workers had to be evacuated. On top of the evacuation, 45 were injured, and four were killed in the accident. According to abcnews, Pemex claims that there was no spilling of oil in the duration of the explosion. Cotemar, the contractor for the Mexican oil services company, was among those who were killed. As people were forced to jump into the shallow waters of the ocean and run from the explosion, eight fireboats attempted to come to the rescue, along with helicopters.

No matter what the line of work, work-related injuries are always subject to legal action. Injuries and the fatalities of your loved ones can leave you feeling lost and worried about future income. Serious injuries can inhibit your ability to work and provide for your family, so it is important to get the compensation you deserve. Oil rig companies are equipped with plans and staff to ensure a lawsuit doesn’t come about and will offer you settlements and incentives not to take legal action, but only an experienced lawyer can inform you of whether it is smart to take the settlements or not.

It is very common to be lost in the legal process, so lawyers are there to guide you. According to Williams Kherkher, their frequently asked questions ranging from if the injured party has to see the company recommended doctor, to determining who is at fault, and deciding what the next steps to take are. Lawyers have the answers to all these questions and more.

There are many causes for oil rig accidents, and no matter the cause, there is compensation for you. With the unreliable weather in the middle of the option, you never know when an accident is going to happen. Not to mention the recipe for disaster that is long shifts, heavy machinery, and equipment failure that can lead to an accident. Whether the accidents are truly accidents or they are negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of employees, you can still get compensation for your injuries. Don’t let the company cheat you of what you deserve and get an experienced lawyer who will fight for you.

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How to Deal With a Serious Injury

Serious injuries can strike for many reasons. Unfortunately, serious injuries can be debilitating, whether they result in brain or nervous system damage, irreparable physical damage, or cognitive issues, if a serious injury was caused by another person or party, an attorney can help the injured receive their deserved compensation. Serious or catastrophic injuries are not simple scrapes and bruises. To be classified as a serious injury, the resulting harm usually will include the nervous system and motor system damage, intense scars and burns, loss of physical and mental capability (such as vision or hearing loss), or orthopedic problems. Serious injuries can be catastrophic to daily life and can cause extreme physical and mental trauma. While there are many other forms of serious injury, be sure to speak with an attorney to decide whether your case falls into this category.

The sad truth is that serious injury lawsuits often bring about a lot of extra stress for the injured, especially because there are usually insurance companies to deal with, according to law firms like Williams Kherkher. But the payoff can be worth the fight. Many serious injury compensations include medical bill reimbursement, payment for lost wages, property damage, and more. Even noneconomic damages such as the mental stresses caused by the injury can be included in the compensation.

The first step in creating a case for your serious injury is to take action right away, as there are usually time limits that constrain the injured in making a claim. While it is most likely difficult to deal with the stresses of the law after yourself or a loved one was seriously injured, it is beneficial to make your case known right away by speaking with an attorney.

Many personal injury cases are the result of car accidents, which are some of the harder cases to fight. This is because insurance companies will be quick to get involved and work their hardest to ensure that a case doesn’t actually make it to court. Insurance companies have a lot of money at their disposal, and their attorneys are prepared to fight for most cases. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to have an experienced attorney on your side if your case concerns insurance companies.

It is also important to have a personal injury attorney, as the specific field of personal injury can be difficult to navigate for the inexperienced. There are different types of appropriate attorneys depending on the case at hand, and for serious injuries, a personal injury attorney is the best option. Consider the experience of the attorney you choose. Keep in mind their record of recovering compensation for clients as well as their financial resources. Consider this like choosing a surgeon for a much-needed operation: you don’t want a cardiologist performing an orthopedic surgery or vice versa. Thus, choosing a personal injury attorney can set you on your way to gaining the best compensation for your serious injury.

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Child custody is always an emotional legal battle. In fact, according to the website of Marshall & Taylor, P.C., it is frequently the most contentious issue that arises during a divorce proceeding. Of course, this is just understandable. This is your children we are talking about, and as much as possible, you would want to stay with them as long as you can, and you would want to minimize how they are affected by the separation of their parents.

But how is child custody even decided? There are various factors in consideration, but mainly, child custody is decided with the best interest of the children in mind. But what really constitutes best interest? Below are some factors that may give you a better understanding.

Parents’ ability to provide

Each parent’s financial standing is taken into consideration, as well as factors that may help sustain or increase this standing, such as the parent’s profession, job stability, skill marketability, age, and health in relation to earning capacity. But it is important to note that this is not mainly about the parent, but about the children, and how they can be more secured when it comes to food, shelter, security, education, health, and other aspects of a dignified life.

Parents’ relationship with children

Both the mother and father have some level of sacrifice for their children. It is often not a contest that will give them bragging rights, but just a genuine sacrifice because of love. But this can also be a deciding factor in child custody, as courts may favor those who have better relationships with their children and those who have sacrificed more, such as those who are the ones always feeding the children and giving them emotional support.

Parents’ willingness to cooperate

There are different kinds of custodies, such as physical, legal, joint, and sole. Parents who show signs of cooperation during the court proceedings may receive more favorable decisions from the courts. Again, this is for the best interest of the children, because the willingness of their parents to cooperate show emotional maturity and willingness to minimize how the children are affected by the separation.

Children’s choice

Nothing speaks best interest more than the children’s preference. Their choice is always taken into consideration, but they don’t weigh much compared to the parents’ ability to provide. This is because at the end of the day, the children’s choice may not represent their best interest.

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